Describing the entrepreneurial profile: The entrepreneurial aptitude test (TAI)

Serena Cubico, Elisa Bortolani, Giuseppe Favretto, Riccardo Sartori


The present article aims to illustrate metric characteristics and selected research applications of an instrument that can be used to define aptitude for an entrepreneurial profile (created in the 1990s). TAI ‘test di attitudine imprenditoriale – entrepreneurial aptitude test’ describes entrepreneurial potential with regards to eight factors. The entrepreneurial aptitude test has acceptable metric characteristics and sufficient criteria reliability; the instrument presents significant correlations with career development and entrepreneurial jobs. The analysis highlights that the TAI and its specific items can be used to discriminate between entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs. The paper presents research carried out in different fields of applications: seniors and juniors in generational transition and small business management, and analysis of entrepreneurial success and career guidance.

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