Vocational guidance and economic crisis: The action-research with the third-year students from a Technical School for Surveyors in North Italy

Riccardo Sartori, Andrea Ceschi


The article reports the example of an action-research carried out in 2011 for educational guidance purposes with the third-year students from a Technical School for Surveyors in North Italy. 184 students took part in the action-research, 22.1% females, 77.9% males, from 16 (modal age) to 18 years old. During the action-research four instruments were administered, one of which contains the research questions about the school chosen, post-diploma, family and self-image in 5 and 10 years whose results are reported in the article. They show that a percentage varying from 18% to 25% declares that they are going on studying. Only 25% in 5 years and 0% in 10 years sees themselves as a student, and this even if 46% thinks that their parents wish that they went on studying. On the other hand, a percentage varying from 33% to 52% declares that they are going to work straight away after high school and 40% in 5 years and 71% in 10 years sees themselves as a permanent employee, although only 33% thinks that their parents want that immediately. Doing both things, studying and working, is taken into account by a percentage varying from 5% to 11%. This percentage is reduced to 5% in 5 years and to 0% in 10. Finally, a percentage varying from 12% to 44% declares they do not know what they are going to do after high school.


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