TEACH-VET (2018)

TeachVET – Platform for self-assessment and development of teaching competencies of teachers and trainers in IeFP- is a strategic partnership project funded through the Erasmus+ program. The partnership consists of 6 entities (Lithuania, Italy and Germany) and the project duration is 24 months (Nov. 2018 – Oct. 2020).
The goal of the project is to develop an electronic tool for self-assessment, monitoring and orientation of competencies of teachers and trainers in IeFP.
The methodology behind tool development is based on the analysis of teaching processes and fields of action of IeFP teachers and trainers in partner countries (Lithuania, Italy and Germany).
Based on the initial comparative analysis, the contents of the evaluation questionnaires were identified. For each area of expertise addressed in the questionnaires, material is proposed for further study.
The use of the online tool provided by the TeachVET project for the evaluation of the teaching competencies of VET teachers and trainers aims to improve the effectiveness of the quality of the training provided and to support the development of the competencies of VET practitioners.