The career decision-making competence: A new construct for the career realm

Andrea Ceschi, Arianna Costantini, Susan D. Phillips, Riccardo Sartori ABSTRACT: Purpose. This paper aims to link findings from laboratory-based decision-making research and decision-making competence (DMC) aspects that may be central for career-related decision-making processes. Past research has identified individual differences in rational responses in decision situations, which the authors refer to as DMC. Although there[…]

Uncertainty and its perception: experimental study of the numeric expression of uncertainty in two decisional contexts

Riccardo Sartori, Andrea Ceschi ABSTRACT: According to a consolidated tradition of research about the psychology of decisions (Newell etal. 2007) and the psychometric psychology (Sartori 2008), the present study aims at analysing the preferences of individuals between the main numeric expressions of uncertainty: the probabilistic form (expressed by percentages) and the fractional form (expressed by[…]

Can simulations perform decision-making and learning processes of teams?

Riccardo Sartori, Andrea Ceschi, Ksenia Dorofeeva ABSTRACT: This study aims to investigate which team factors have a significant influence on decision-making and on learning processes of teams. In order to understand which factors improve more, several relevant teams characteristics drawn from classical literature have been considered, such as: shared mental models (Anderson & West, 1998;[…]