A R&I Group of Verona University

APRESO (Applied Research in Society and Organizations) is the name of a group of researchers and professionals of University of Verona that deals with conducting investigations and interventions in the social field and in the industrial organizational psychology field.

Regarding the social field, the members of APRESO deal with, for example, dynamics of cooperation and competition, self-centered (selfish) and hetero-centered (altruistic) behaviors, the phenomenon of volunteering and social innovation.

Regarding the industrial organizational psychology, the members of APRESO deal, for example, with issues related to learning and training, differences between different professional roles, work socialization and organizational innovation.

The labour market is constantly evolving: it is riding the revolution of 4.0 and it is increasingly important to approach new types of work such as Agile Work and Teleworking. APRESO is engaged in a constant active research focused especially on the reconciliation between the professional identity and the personal one of individuals. Pilars constructs of Work Psychology and Organizations such as Stress and Burnout, for which APRESO develops numerous researches, are directly linked to the above-mentioned types of work, since it becomes essential to clearly delineate the ever more subtle boundary between working and everyday space in order to maintain the psychophysical wellness.

Finally, APRESO makes use of both qualitative and quantitative approaches, as well as mixed methods, to conduct research and implement interventions, including scholars from various fields of social research (psychologists, educators, sociologists, economists, etc.). Using an approach of this type, while APRESO implements interventions within the organization, it collects useful data for scientific research and achieves its ultimate goal: the dissemination of scientific knowledge in the territory.

APRESO aims to disseminate science and, at the same time, to involve more the public in both the dissemination of research results and its participation in the achievement of the results. For that purpose, what will be achieved is a two-way collaboration: informing and being informed, through feedback from the public, which will be a concrete starting point for further research.

APRESO is also involved in research and intervention projects dealing with social phenomena and organisational processes using a research-based approach. It also makes itself available for partnerships in national and international projects on the topics of which they are specialized.

KEYWORDS FOR APRESO: Research, Public Engagement, Projects, Interventions and Assessment Systems Development.