Nowadays, using the internet is very easy for anyone to access an almost infinite amount of information on any topic. However, when approaching scientific contexts, it often becomes difficult for the “non-expert” user to understand the results of research published in books and specialized magazines. Disclosure activities carried out by journalists, scientists, and scientific research enthusiasts play an important role as an interface between the world of research and the general public. APRESO aims to disseminate the progress of the psychological sciences applied to work, at the same time, to involve the public more both in the dissemination of research results and in its participation in achieving the results themselves. 

In accordance with the “Third Mission” of the University of Verona, which supports the enhancement of research and promotes constant dialogue with citizens and the territory, APRESO mainly deals with specialized dissemination through scientific publications, a fundamental aspect of the progress of the scientific community and for civil society. Many steps before the disclosure phase, the preliminary stage of the research itself during which the limits of the object to be studied must be defined is defined as a “research project“. APRESO also undertakes at this stage to ensure a profitable exchange between the parties involved, trying to limit the technical language to situations of exchange between specialists and instead preferring clarity on the occasions where it is most requested. APRESO undertakes dissemination via the organization of seminarsmasters, and refresher coursesBecause of this reasons in 2018 some willing students, thanks to the help of researcher and professor Andrea Ceschi created Resources.

Resources is a group of students of Communication Science BA and Publishing and journalism Master’s degree of University of Verona. This team is born to share with the local companies and whoever interested some present-day topics and matters of the Industrial and Organizational Psychology. 

The main goal of Resources is to create a network of communication suitable for broadcasting issues linked to the I/O Psychology constructs, as Work Engagement, Work-Life-Balance and the Job Resources aimed at the quality improvement of the working life.

The project is always open to all students who would like to increase their knowledge about I/O Psychology, this project is also very helpful to all students approaching their first job, because it spreads knowledge on the work life and usually explains how to face everyday working matters in a totally reliable and scientific way.

The team of students collaborating with APRESO, together and coordinated directly by the APRESO team of researchers, developed some useful tools to maximize the comprehension and dissemination of contents. Pills 4 Resources, for example, is a collection of infographics that want to promote topics related to Occupational Psychology for informational purposes. These “knowledge pills” intend to increase the perception of the subject in the world of work and society, to improve the working environment, adopting virtuous behavior. This is an initiative that responds to the call of the network of researchers and professors and, on the one hand, enhances the work of students and encourages them to deepen the subject and, at the same time, wants to reach the widest audience, offering pills of knowledge through an information product that is easy to understand, but rich in scientific content. Video 4 Resources is a set of audio-video products created using the VideoScribe application that acts as a means of scientific dissemination. The topics cover a range from the most common and well-known ones such as stress, burnout, and the definition of personality traits, up to topics such as job performance, bias, and heuristics, the study of demand and demand models. The aim is to create graphically attractive products, which express content in an engaging and clear form for everyone. All the products have references to the series they belong to (Video 4 Resources) and to Apreso, in particular with the logo recalled in each of them. Another tool used by APRESO is Resources 4 Training: topics such as Burnout, work stress, organizational psychology, closely affect all business realities from the largest and most structured to the smallest ones. Hence the “Resources 4 Training” project, a collection aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises, which intends to educate all workers on issues concerning the psychology of work. This guide is intended to be a means of employee training, accessible to all organizations.

Concluding, we would like to thank and greet all the people who contributed or are still contributing actively to the project:

  • Mrs. Greta Moltomoli (Social Media Manager)
  • Mr. Samuele Conti (Digital Editor Manager)

And all the students that participated or contributed during these years to Resources, with a honorable mention to Valeria Palmisano, Sabina Isalberti , Lisa Tanozzi and Vittoria Bortoli.