Work behavior and organizational efficiency

This research project proposes a survey about some organizational behaviours in companies. The focus is to study the relationship between work behaviour and work efficiency.
The reference model is The Effort Reward Imbalance (Model) by Siegrist. It is based on the balance between effort and reward, especially between the efforts made by workers and employees and the business rewards.
Therefore, it is possible to measure in workers and employees the perception of a discrepancy between efforts/rewards (imbalance), that could create some disadvantageous and inappropriate organizational behaviours towards the company mission.
These behaviors are often counterproductive and they depend on: attitudes, social norms and social influence. Another theoretical framework for the survey is the theory of planned behaviour by Ajzen.
Thanks to this survey, it is possible to examine these aspects. In order to take part in it, it is necessary to fill in the questionnaire that will be available both in print and in online version.
Finally, the results obtained from the collection of data will be analyzed only in aggregate form and will be used only for research purposes. Privacy of all data and materials related to the initiative is guaranteed in accordance with applicable provisions of law.