Organizational Research Awareness

This research project proposes a survey about the tendency towards the organizational research expressed by human resources managers towards the development of research in the organization they work in.

A questionnaire will be developed that will seek to understand how these subjects are inclined, interested and motivated to promote research within their organizational contexts.

Understanding what are the factors that foster or hinder organizations in taking part in studies and research projects involving their contexts is important in order to develop appropriate behaviors towards them.

The reference model is the Technology Acceptance (Model) by Davis, Bagozzi e Warshaw 1989. The focus is the promotion and the development of the organizational research.

Thanks to this survey, it will be possible to examine these aspects. In order to take part in it, it is necessary to fill in the questionnaire that will be available both in print and in online version.

Finally, the results obtained from the collection of data will be analyzed only in aggregate form and will be used only for research purposes. Privacy of all data and materials related to the initiative is guaranteed in accordance with applicable provisions of law.