Job Crafting

The new organizational psychology paradigm is inviting scholars to propose new methods and programs of interventions to deal with phenomena which can have a direct effect on outcomes such as: performance, exhaustion, or engagement.

In this new organizational paradigm a program named Job Crafting and based on longitudinal interventions is recently emerging (Bakker et al., 2012; Demerouti & Bakker, 2014; Petrou et al., 2012; Tims & Bakker, 2010; Tims et al., 2012). The Job Crafting can be seen as “a specific form of proactive behavior in which the employee initiates changes in the level of job demands and job resources to make their own job more meaningful, engaging and satisfying” (Demerouti & Bakker, 2014).

Interventions Crating oriented and the connection with work engagement in fact has been already well documented (Demerouti & Bakker, 2014; Petrou et al., 2012).

Most of the Job Crafting interventions focus on the sentiments and on the emotional aspects connected to the person toward the organization, and they are capable of having consequent effects on the levels of engagement of workers. Interventions crating oriented and the relation with work engagement in fact, has been already established and documented (Demerouti & Bakker, 2014; Petrou et al., 2012).