Reviewing psychological facets of workplace innovation

In this article, we present a review of recent studies on workplace innovation (WPI) from a work and organization al psychology (WOP) perspective, with the aim of showing the potential advantages of taking a WOP perspective on WPI. We first outline a few different conceptualisations of WPI and of its main outcomes, that is, quality of working life and organizational performance. Next, we examine the intersections between research in WOP and WPI, specifically focusing on how an understanding of organizational and work-related dynamics can influence the effectiveness of WPI practices. Third, in an attempt to facilitate the integration of research on WOP and WPI and to disentangle the mechanisms underlying the effective implementation of WPI policies, we present evidence on three critical concepts in WOP and their relationship to WPI: job autonomy, job flexibility and participation in organization al life. Finally, we discuss some practical implications for Work and Organizational Psychologists interested in WPI implementation.

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