Public Engagement

The APRESO Group was born with the purpose of supporting research concerning the Industrial Organizational Psychology in all its forms.

With the experience of its members, APRESO offers to promote individual, group and organizational consultancy activities such as Human Resources Assessment (personnel selection, performance evaluation, potential assessment, etc.), Counseling, Corporate Training, Coaching, etc., adopting a scientist-practioner approach. This means that interventions are designed based on scientific models that have obtained valid and reliable empirical support. Thanks to the controls they are subjected to in scientific research, APRESO’s consultancies are among the most reliable in the area. The APRESO Group promotes public engagement with science. It expects and encourages collaboration with Public or Private Organizations in the area that intend to contribute to the research activity. The mission of APRESO is also scientific dissemination for educational purposes.

In accordance with the “Third Mission” of the University of Verona, which supports the enhancement of research and promotes a constant dialogue with citizens and the territory, APRESO is committed to organize seminars, training courses and related conferences the main issues of interest in Industrial Organizational Psychology. With this spirit, in 2018, with the participation of students from the University of Verona Communication Sciences, the Resources project was launched with the aim of share, mainly with local organizations, detailed information on the main constructs of Industrial Organizational Psychology.

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