Applied Research


Based on the studies carried out, as well as the competences of its members, APRESO offers activities of individual, group and organizational interventions.

Training Interventions

The Center aims to promote advanced training courses, seminars, conferences, study days on issues of interest.


Assessment center is a process where candidates are assessed to determine their suitability for specific types of employment


APRESO group is willing to be partner of national and international projects whose interests lie in the same field

Career orientation

Services designed to help people, at any age and at any time in their life, make educational, training and professional choices and manage their careers.

Work-Life Balance

The balance of working life has recently attracted the attention of researchers and managers, this widespread interest is partly due to his reflection on all aspects of life. For those who think that the main objective of life is to work, career becomes the focus of life itself.

Stress related to work

The main objective of the assessment of work-related stress risk concerns the identification of any critical issues related to those factors of work content (workload, schedule, task planning, etc.) and work context (role, decision-making autonomy).

Our Research group

Riccardo Sartori
Center Director
Riccardo Sartori is assistant professor in work and organizational psychology at Verona University (Italy), Department of Human Sciences. His field of work is organisational innovation and the assessment processes linked to this topic, including psychological assessment and human resources management.
Andrea Ceschi
Scientific Director
Andrea Ceschi is Assistant Professor in Work and Organisational Psychology at the Department of Human Sciences, Verona University, Italy. His field of work deals with organisational dynamics related to decision-making processes in the workplace.
Andrea Scalco
Associated Researcher
Andrea Scalco is a Research Assistant at the University of Aberdeen. His expertise lies in the field of Environmental Psychology and Consumer Behavior. In particular, his works investigate the motivation behind food choice, especially organic products, which represents the best solution for individual health as well as for the minimization of the environmental impact.
Arianna Costantini
Associated Researcher
Arianna Costantini is a Ph.D. Candidate in Psychology at Verona University, Department of Human Sciences, Italy. Her field of work is workplace innovation, reward management, and organisational behaviour.
Francesco De Paola
Associated Researcher
Francesco De Paola is a practitioner in Work Psychology and Ph.D. candidate in Organizational Psychology at Verona University. His research field of regards primarily conducting interventions in public and private organizations focusing especially on positive psychology approach, such as Job Crafting and resource-based interventions.
Stefano Noventa
Associated Researcher
Stefano Noventa is a Post Doc researcher at the Hector Research Institute for Education Sciences and Psychology of the University of Tübingen. His main research interests are Mathematical Psychology, Psychometrics and Psychophysics. He is also interested in latent variable models and their applications to Education, Entrepreneurship, Social and Organizational Psychology.
Associated Researcher
Francesco Tommasi is a Ph.D. Candidate in Psychology at Verona University, Department of Human Sciences, Italy. His area of interest and work is in work psychology, combining research and perspectives from a variety of fields, such as industrial/organizational psychology, and vocational and education training.
Marija Gostimir
Marija Gostimir is a Practitioner in Work and Organizational Psychology. Her areas of expertise include topics related to human resources management and people’s well-being such as career development, vocational counselling, employability, work-life balance and leadership.
Greta Moltomoli
Greta Moltomoli is graduated in Communication Sciences. She collaborates with Apreso as Social Media Manager.
Samuele Conti
Samuele Conti has a Master’s degree in Publishing and Journalism. He collaborates with Apreso as Digital Editor Manager.
Mattia Trevisani
Mattia Trevisani is graduated in Communication Sciences, He collaborates with Apreso as Video Editor Manager.


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