Stress related to work

According to the European Agreement on Stress Related Work in 2004, stress is “a condition that can be accompanied by physical, psychological or social disorders or dysfunctions and is a consequence of the fact that some individuals do not feel able to respond to the demands or the expectations placed in them “. Work-related stress therefore can potentially affect every workplace and every worker as it is caused by different aspects closely related to the organization and the work environment.

In Italy, the current regulatory framework, established by Legislative Decree 81/2008 and subsequent amendments, obliges employers to assess and manage work-related stress risk on a par with all other risks, in the implementation of the contents of the Agreement European. In this regard, in November 2010, the Permanent Consultative Commission for Health and Safety at Work elaborated the necessary indications for the assessment of work-related stress risk, identifying a methodological path that represents the minimum level of implementation of the obligation.

In May 2011, the Department of Medicine, Epidemiology, Occupational Hygiene and Environmental developed a Work-related stress risk assessment and management methodology and published a specific online platform that can be used by companies to perform risk assessment pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 81/2008 and subsequent amendments

The main objective of the assessment of work-related stress risk concerns the identification of any critical issues related to those factors of work content (workload, schedule, task planning, etc.) and work context (role, decision-making autonomy) , interpersonal relationships, etc.) present in every type of company and organization. Subsequently, starting from the detailed analysis of the critical issues that emerged, we continued implementing an adequate risk management, which allows to improve working conditions and levels of protection of workers’ health and safety, positively impacting on the competitiveness of companies and on quality. of the products and services provided.

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